Apresentações em outras conferências


Maria João Maia

The symposium is organized for KIT doctoral researchers by KIT doctoral researchers and is supported and promoted by the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS).

The KIT PhD Symposium is conceived as a training platform for doctoral researchers. It is held in English and all doctoral researchers from all areas of competence are welcome to participate.

The special aspect of this symposium is the fact that the talks and posters are evaluated by both experts in the field and rhetoric specialists. The doctoral researchers receive feedback regarding their presentation technique and the appearance of their posters, which they can use to improve their skills. This kind of feedback is not available at other conventional symposiums. The KIT PhD Symposium takes place roughly every two years.


Encontro Pós- II Conferência do Programa Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia – 21 Julho de 2012 – CESNova (Lisboa)

Maria João Maia e António Moniz

António Moniz

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