What is GrEAT?

GrEAT is the Portuguese acronym for Study Group on Technology Assessment. It is a group founded in 2010 and has its field located in Portugal. Currently represents the national network of technology assessment specialists with activities in the following areas:

a) scientific and technological research

b) services for public institutions (Parliament, government institutions, public agencies) and private (companies, associations, foundations)

c) cooperation with international institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, international research institutions and technology assessment)


This network was created in the articulation with the Doctoral Program of Technology Assessment. The program started in 2009 at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon and ITAS, Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). This institute began collaborating with the Doctoral Program since its inception. Several collaborative activities have been held since then. In 2013, the network was recognized with the status of “observer” in meetings of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA).

It is intended as a platform to promote reflection on the concept of “Technology Assessment” and add all interested people in the theme.

In the “Topics” may find themselves summaries of several research projects in technology assessment being carried out in Portugal.


In Portuguese



Main: great2010portugal@gmail.com

António B. Moniz: abm@fct.unl.pt

Maria João Maia: mj.maia@campus.fct.unl.pt

Nuno Boavida: nuno.boavida@fcsh.unl.pt

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