Carta para Comissão ITRE do Parlamento Europeu

O Observatório de Avaliação de Tecnologia do CICS.NOVA subscreveu com os outros membros do European Parliamentary Technology Assessement (EPTA) a seguinte posição a propósito das missões  de negociação do novo programa-quadro europeu para a investigação e desenvolvimento (Horizon Europe).

Letter for the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament

November 2020
The signatories to this letter, which are all members of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network EPTA, wish to draw the attention of the ITRE Committee to the need for clear statements regarding the role of societal perspectives and actors in the new Missions in Horizon Europe.
The Missions are supposed to arrange R&I efforts towards solutions to specific societal challenges. Unlike traditional research they take their starting point in the societal complexity that is embedded in important problems that our societies are facing. Because of this the Missions will be deemed to fail if they do not include proper processes of societal assessments and dialogue.
The members of EPTA constitute a world leading Community of Practice specifically on such assessments and dialogues. Our expertise ranges from social and humanistic sciences, to foresight, technology assessment, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and policy advice. We make use of stakeholder engagement, public participation and citizen engagement, cross disciplinary practices and policy development methodologies.
From this standpoint we want to make the European Parliament aware of the need for a clear policy for embedding such practices into the Missions. Even more concretely we want to state the need for implementing RRI, technology assessment and societal engagement practices in all missions, and not as an addendum, but as a central part of the governance of the Missions.
In hope of positive reception of this letter, which has been sent with the intention of securing relevance and societal benefits from the Missions.

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